Fun Today. Flourish Tomorrow.

Every day, Hershey Entertainment & Resorts provides fun for our guests — and that fun has a greater purpose. Our ultimate goal is to make sure the fun we are having today helps our people, our community, our planet, and especially our children flourish tomorrow.

We believe it is our responsibility as members of our local and regional communities and residents of our planet to understand our impact and aspire to do better.

Our Impact

Our 2021 Impact Report provides a comprehensive view of how Hershey Entertainment & Resorts (HE&R) creates fun today so we can all flourish tomorrow. This report highlights the many programs and initiatives that HE&R uses to make a difference for our people, our community, and our planet. It also includes detailed reporting through two Environmental, Social, and Governance frameworks: the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board framework and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

2021 Impact Report

5113 part time & seasonal team members. 1427 full time team members. 53% of full time team members started part time

Our People

When our people flourish, they can help others do the same. That is why we support our team members in a variety of ways, from recognition programs and our Employee Support Fund to Employee Resource Groups and an inclusive workplace. 

employees smiling while doing their job
3.02MM total corporate giving from 2019-21
1.19B direct and indirect sales annually in our community through our businesses in an average year

Our Community

Mr. Hershey once asked, “What good is money unless you use it for the benefit of the community and humanity in general?” That is why our businesses, team members, and partners contribute their time, resources, and positive energy to our communities so everyone can share in our success.

Our Planet

In 1937, Mr. Hershey established the first recycling center in Hershey, and we remain inspired by his vision. We are careful custodians of our planet, committed to conservation and responsible growth so our children and grandchildren can enjoy Earth’s bountiful natural resources.

4923 mature trees, enough to produce 43752955 sheets of newspaper
61MM dividend payment to Milton Hershey School since 2012. 1142 HE&R team members engaged with MHS students and staff throughout the 2020-2021 school year

Our Core Purpose

HE&R is proud to help fulfill the dream of our founder, Milton S. Hershey, by providing value to Milton Hershey School in its mission of helping students lead happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives — just as Mr. Hershey intended.

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